Tasting Room Hours

Friday, 11am-6pm
Saturday & Sunday, 11am-5pm - (see below)



Wine Tasting Fee:

You may choose to only sample 2 wines which is complimentary or 8 samples for $5.50 or taste them all (11-12 wines) for $8.50. We offer our logo glass for $3 plus tax so you do not need to pay for a glass you may not want or need.

Please join us for a tasting of our wines and self-guided tour of the vineyard during our regular business hours. If you plan on visiting with a group of 8 or more during regular business hours, please call ahead.

Private tastings and tours for groups on non-business days/hours by appointment.

Visiting with your dogs?
Visiting with your children?

Taylor Brooke Winery Annual Scholarship

Richard and Linda Auger, owners of Taylor Brooke Winery in Woodstock, CT have established an annual scholarship of $500 to be awarded to a graduating senior from Woodstock Academy.

Read the complete press release.

Scholarship recipients:
2014: Tess Hebert
2011: Lukas Almquist, Woodstock
2010: Jaqueline Kulig, Pomfret
2009: Jonathan Trudeau, Woodstock
2008: Johnny McCarthy, Pomfret

Addison's Story...

So, if you read Zima’s story, you can see that I have BIG paws to fill.  I know I’m not a replacement for Zima because she told me so…her spirit is here guiding me and she’s very bossy. I may be young but even I knew I couldn’t replace her, because my mom and dad still cry over Zima.

I came to Woodstock from Tennessee…boy was that a long 2 days, but the nice people at Good Dog Rescue, made it a pretty exciting trip! Before that, I was really lucky to live in a foster home with Julie, my foster mom, who was really nice and taught me lots of things, including something called manners.  She told my new mom that she thought I would make a great winery dog.

When I hopped off the bus on April 6, 2012, I went running to my new mom and dad and boy were they glad to see me, maybe as much as I was to see them!  We went for a car ride and I arrived at my new home.  I was so excited because I could smell squirrels and chipmunks and there were lots and lots of birds to chase…I knew this was my forever home.

When I met Georgia, I just knew we would be BFFS.  Georgia was concerned about my taking over Zima’s spot for eating and she was not too happy with me playing with toys she no longer played with, but she just couldn’t resist my charms!  In fact, now that I’m working in the tasting room, NOBODY can resist my charms!!  I am a cutie if I do say so myself.  Just look at my picture, or better yet, come see me!

I really know how to greet people and sometimes I will lick bare toes, so if you don’t like that, please let me know.  If you take your time coming in, I may go out an ‘herd” you in.  I just want you to come in and taste the wine!

I’m still learning not to sneak out of the tasting room because my mom thinks I will get run over by someone in the parking lot.  Now I ask you, would you do that?  I just want to join you in the vineyard, at the picnic tables or the wine patio.  After all, that’s part of my job.
See you soon…

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