Tasting Room Hours

Friday, 11am-6pm
Saturday & Sunday, 11am-5pm - (see below)



Wine Tasting Fee:

You may choose to only sample 2 wines which is complimentary or 8 samples for $5.50 or taste them all (11-12 wines) for $8.50. We offer our logo glass for $3 plus tax so you do not need to pay for a glass you may not want or need.

Please join us for a tasting of our wines and self-guided tour of the vineyard during our regular business hours. If you plan on visiting with a group of 8 or more during regular business hours, please call ahead.

Private tastings and tours for groups on non-business days/hours by appointment.

Visiting with your dogs?
Visiting with your children?

Taylor Brooke Winery Annual Scholarship

Richard and Linda Auger, owners of Taylor Brooke Winery in Woodstock, CT have established an annual scholarship of $500 to be awarded to a graduating senior from Woodstock Academy.

Read the complete press release.

Scholarship recipients:
2014: Tess Hebert
2011: Lukas Almquist, Woodstock
2010: Jaqueline Kulig, Pomfret
2009: Jonathan Trudeau, Woodstock
2008: Johnny McCarthy, Pomfret

Georgia’s story...

Georgia the winery dog in trainingHi!  My name is Georgia, although I vaguely remember some people who found me in Georgia, calling me Julie. I was very young and scared and hungry.  I never really had any people friends, only dog friends, so I’m really, really shy around new people.  I like people, don’t get me wrong, but I just have trouble believing they won’t hurt me, so please be patient with me. 

I love my family!  I don’t remember having a family of people before.  All I remember is being lost for a long time and only having dog friends to sleep with.  The people who found me sent me and my friends far away where we all had baths and met our new families. At first, I was really scared of my Mom, but she took me home and that’s when I met my Dad, Nikki, Corey and of course, Zima.  They are so nice to me and really, really love me!  At first, I forgot how to go to the bathroom outside and was afraid to go up the stairs into the house, but my Mom and Dad were very patient with me.  Zima, however, didn’t understand why I was in “her” house, and wasn’t very nice to me.  Mom said she had to share her toys with me, but when she wasn’t looking, Zima would steal them from me.  Since I was tied up and Zima was not, I was left without any toys to play with.  Boy, would my Mom get mad at Zima.  I felt bad for Zima, but I really wanted to play with toys and she should have listened to Mom.  But I showed Zima how cute I could be and that I really liked playing with her, and she finally started playing with me.  Usually, she greets me with a growl, but I just ignore her, because I know she loves me.  Who wouldn’t?  I have to try to contain my energy around Zima because she hurt her leg while chasing mice and other interesting things, and I think she’s old enough to be my mother, so she has trouble keeping up with me.  It doesn’t matter, because she’s my b.f.f.

P.S.  Don’t listen to Zima, she’s jealous of me.  I will be a winery dog someday!

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