Tasting Room Hours

Friday, 11am-6pm
Saturday & Sunday, 11am-5pm - (see below)



Wine Tasting Fee:

You may choose to only sample 2 wines which is complimentary or 8 samples for $5.50 or taste them all (11-12 wines) for $8.50. We offer our logo glass for $3 plus tax so you do not need to pay for a glass you may not want or need.

Please join us for a tasting of our wines and self-guided tour of the vineyard during our regular business hours. If you plan on visiting with a group of 8 or more during regular business hours, please call ahead.

Private tastings and tours for groups on non-business days/hours by appointment.

Visiting with your dogs?
Visiting with your children?

Taylor Brooke Winery Annual Scholarship

Richard and Linda Auger, owners of Taylor Brooke Winery in Woodstock, CT have established an annual scholarship of $500 to be awarded to a graduating senior from Woodstock Academy.

Read the complete press release.

Scholarship recipients:
2014: Tess Hebert
2011: Lukas Almquist, Woodstock
2010: Jaqueline Kulig, Pomfret
2009: Jonathan Trudeau, Woodstock
2008: Johnny McCarthy, Pomfret

Zima The Wine Dog

Zima, the Wine Dog. May you rest in peace.

On Friday, March 24, 2012, we said goodbye to our very special, sweet, gentle, Zima, who had been the wine dog at Taylor Brooke Winery from opening day. We adopted her in 2001 at the age of 1 1/2 yrs old (or so) and it was obvious from the start, that it was fate that brought her to us. She couldn't have been a better companion or winery dog. If you had the pleasure of visiting us before March, you were probably greeted by her as you were getting out of your car. When our guests went out into the vineyard, she would accompany them, proudly showing off “her” vineyard. If guests were eating by the picnic tables or wine patio, Zima was always there to make sure they didn’t need any help “disposing” of their food. And of course, on occasion, Zima liked to indulge in a little wine! She loved whites and reds; she had a very developed palate!! Her glass is by her picture on the shelf near the wine bar where is will always remain.

Zima loved everyone who visited, especially when they gave her some special treats, a pat on the head or lots of love. I her younger days, she “babysat” the kids who visited, playing soccer or Frisbee, but in her later years, she had to give that up. We are missing her terribly and our Georgia is missing her, too. Gerogia will continue to try to be a winery dog, but as you know, she is still a timid girl. Zima is buried by the vineyard where she belongs, and will still watch over the wonderful people who visit Taylor Brooke Winery.

A BIG THANK YOU to Dr. Gervais and staff at Woodstock Veterinary Clinic for everything you did for Zima and for us. Your kindness and sensitivity will not be forgotten. Cheers Zima!

Zima the Taylor Brooke Wine Dog

Zima is officially "Semi-Retired"
    -- Aug 17, 2011

If you have visited us at the winery lately, you may have been wondering why I haven’t greeted you at the door or walked you out in the vineyard.  I used to love doing this, but as you know, as you get older, it gets harder to put in a full day’s work.  Therefore, I am officially announcing that I am semi-retired at Taylor Brooke Winery.  Don’t worry, you’ll still see me.

My work habits have changed to accommodate my shortened hours.  For instance, I’ve taken to barking when folks arrive so I can greet more people at once, so don’t get alarmed.  Also, I like napping in the tasting room, and sometimes, I’m told I’m in the way, but I just don’t see it.  All you have to do is step around me. However, if you decide to have a picnic in the vineyard or on the winery patio, I PROMISE to escort you to your table.  My “mother” tells people not to feed me (for some reason that makes no sense to me); something about my getting older and wanting to keep me healthy.  I hate when she does that.

Georgia, that “other” dog who lives with us, is still not up to the challenge of wine dog.  I have let her into the tasting room a couple of times and tried to show her how it’s done, but she is still afraid and shy.  It doesn’t bother me though…I’ve done all I can.  Some dogs have it, and some dogs don’t…besides, her training cuts into my nap time.

Zima's Letter -- 2004

When you come to visit Taylor Brooke Winery, you will have the honor of being greeted by me.  My name is Zima.   I had another name, but I left my first home to see the world and got lost. Some people found me and put me with a lot of other dogs and cats (ich!) and named me Zima since I had forgotten my other name.  I have also forgotten my birthday, but I’m told that I’m about 4 ½ years old. 

Whenever a person sees me, they always want to know what kind of dog I am (I am never asked that question by my dog friend, Molly, who lives next door).  Again, I have to go on what I’ve heard, but my mom and dad tell people that I am a Dalmation, Border Collie and Jack Russell Terrier mix.  People always tell me I’m pretty, but I already knew that! 

I LOVE people, especially children, playing fetch with my yellow smiley volleyball, bones (who doesn’t?) and wine (again, who doesn’t?).

I am trying to be good when people come to visit and not bark (mom said NO BARKING) and not beg people to play, but I find that I simply can’t resist at times, so please be patient with me.

So, please come visit me and don’t tell mom and dad that you came to see me.  They think you’re coming to taste their wine!

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